Zen Heart Respect for the Elderly Longevity Banquet

Zen Heart Respect for the Elderly Longevity Banquet

On March 11, 2022, the charity luncheon "Zen Heart Respect for the Elderly Longevity Banquet" jointly sponsored by Canada Xing Wu Zen Temple, Canada Shi Xing Wu Shaolin Zen Wu Cultural Center and the World United Senior Promotion Association was held in Pink Pearl Seafood restaurant Vancouver, Canada. Although the weather was cold and raining, more than 200 invited senior guests, volunteers and performance groups gathered together to enjoy a sumptuous luncheon, as well as colorful entertainment and kung fu performances. The scene was warm, harmonious and lively and all the guests are happy.

At 9:00 am, the volunteers and staff arrived early to decorate the venue and prepare gifts. At 10:30, the performers of the Vancouver Chinese Orchestra have been playing music for everyone at the scene, presenting to the atmosphere and warmly welcoming all the guests and elders.

The event officially started at 11:30. First, Master Shi Xing WU was invited to the lion dotting ceremony for the "Deng Qiangqing Lion Dancing Team".

The lively lion dance performance was over. The conference invited Master Shi Xing Wu, the chairman of the conference, to perform a blessing ceremony for everyone. The Master was wearing a red cassock, and the Dharma was solemn. May the world be at peace and the epidemic will subside forever!

One of the organizers, Mr. Eric Szeto, President of The World United Senior Promotion Association, delivered a speech.

Provincial Councilor Henry Yao delivered a speech at the scene and issued a congratulatory letter to the Master.

The five provincial councillors who were unable to come in person sent congratulatory letters and speeches from various distinguished guests.

Jack Chen, the representative of the board of directors of Xing WU Zen Temple - Director of Member Management, delivered a speech and briefly introduced the benefits of being a member of the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society. Everyone is welcome to become a member of the Xing Wu Zen Temple Society.

The master of ceremonies invited the elders over the age of 100 and 90 to sit on the stage. Master Shi Xing Wu personally wore a prayer belt for the elders.

An 80-year-old elder was invited to the stage, and Master Shi Xing Wu presented a blessing belt, and the Master presented a calligraphy with the character "Fu", a blessing bag and a pack of longevity noodles.

The 70-year-old man at the scene also received a piece of the "Fu" character in the calligraphy of the Master and a lucky bag. And every guest, volunteer, and actor at the scene received a lucky bag from the Master himself.

The conference has arranged very exciting and rich cultural and entertainment performances, many programs of traditional Chinese culture, including Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Peking Opera performances, cheongsam shows, folk dances, popular songs and other programs. The applause was repeated, and many of the audience were still dance masters. They consciously came out to sing and dance. The stage was lively and lively, and everyone had a great time.

The climax of the event turned out to be more than that, and the on-site lottery pushed the event to a climax. It was a happy lottery, everyone was happy, the scene was full of laughter, and everyone returned happily.

Many seniors and the guests at the scene expressed their sincere thanks, because the epidemic control in the past two years has been a challenge for everyone, not to mention these seniors, so many of them have spent such a happy and beautiful time together, they really feel very happy.

At the same time, also deeply appreciate the mercy of Master Shi Xing Wu . The "Longevity Banquet for the Elderly with Zen Heart" has been held for 8 years. Initiated by Master Shi Xing WU of the Zen WU Cultural Center, it is an annual charity event for the elderly jointly sponsored by the World United Senior Promotion Association.

The purpose of the event is to carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues, respect the elderly and love the elderly. Through this event, the message of caring for the elderly will be conveyed, the unity spirit of watching and helping each other will be exerted, and the fine traditional Chinese virtue of respecting the elderly and caring for the elderly will be carried forward. on love. Caring for the elderly, caring for the elderly, caring for the disadvantaged, Master Shi Xing WU and his team are sincere love and dedication, so that these elderly people also feel warmth and love at all times.

"Zen Heart Respect for the Elderly Longevity Banquet 2022" was a complete success and auspicious! Thank you to all the staff behind the stage, to all the donations, to the volunteers, to the actors, to the beautiful hosts Cici, Dylis to the photographer (Carmen , Mia, Simom, CY David,) Thank you to all the elders and guests who attended the event, see you next year!

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