XingWu Zen Shaolin Temple (Canada)


Perennial enrollment:
All kinds of adults, teenagers, children Kung Fu boxing routines, wellness Tai Chi, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Xi Suei Jing, wind swing willow, Sanda boxing, women's self-defense techniques, health aerobics, zen meditation and other courses.

Various types of weapons:
Tai Chi fan, Tai Chi sword, shield knife, stick technique, nunchaku, three-section stick, nine-section whip, or private one-to-one personalized courses or small class special courses, etc.

Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu, famous masters, suitable for all kinds of people, no foundation needed. Love China, Chinese traditional culture, Chinese Kung Fu!

Registration Hotline:

110-12820 Clarke Place, Richmond, BC

2020 Chinese Kungfu Spring Festival Gala

Zen Fist - Yunshui Zen Heart

DaMo Sword - Zen enlightenment

Seven Stars Fist

Master Xing Wu - Shaolin Unlimited Zen Dharama

Kung Fu Inheritance - Xiaohong Fist

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